Jack the Papillon

Meet the sweet puppy, Jack! This Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive a commission to draw this precious Papillon. He was a favorite of his owner and is missed dearly, but has now been immortalized in pastel form. For this commission, I chose a 12×16 Ampersand Pastelbord in gray. The rough texture of the board allows the chalk pastel to stick to the surface much more effectively than smooth paper.

The owner sent me several pictures to choose from since I was not able to take the pictures myself. This was the one I selected to draw from, mainly because of the nice outdoor lighting. The other images were used for reference for things such as characteristic features, colors, and detail.

Overall, I am happy with the finished product — just look at that face! I decided to adjust the ears a bit to make him look slightly more alert. The rough edge at the bottom allows for a more gestural, stylistic finish to this work. Papillons are a breed I was not very familiar with, but the exaggerated ears and long hair are really very fun to draw. I used a combination of hard chalk pastels in stick and pencil form to achieve optimum detail and blend the large strokes.

Contact me if you’re interested in having a portrait drawn of your furry friend!


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